“Thank you so much for writing this book! It was so informative! I read the whole book in one sitting! My husband is currently on his 1st deployment and it’s definitely a struggle everyday but this has encouraged me to be a better, bigger person for him! THANK YOU again! =)”
-Nancy Chin

“I sure wish Intro to Army Life had been around a year ago when I entered the Army lifestyle!”
-Sheila Schumacher, Army OneSource

“I’m just over half way through my first deployment experience and within my first year of being submerged into the military life. Intro to Army Life not only helped me decode some of the lingo my military man uses and simply breakdown the complicated ordeals of the military, but also helped me prepare for, and encouraged me during this deployment. Allison definitely did her research and wrote a great book. I highly recommend that anyone new to the military life reads this book!”
-Kelly Antonczak, girlfriend of a deployed airman

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