Intro to Army Life: A Handbook for Spouses and Significant Others Entering the Army Lifestyle was
created to encourage, educate and inspire those entering the army culture. No one hands you a guidebook when you enter Army life; you either have to learn the hard way or stumble upon resources on your own…until now. Intro to Army Life gives you the tools and resources necessary to make your transition into the Army lifestyle easier, less stressful and more fun. You don’t have to learn the hard way—all the information you need is here, ready to help you make the transition. Along with engaging personal narrative and stories, Intro to Army Life includes:

• Tips to understand Army life and why soldiers act the way they do
• Army hierarchy and social structure
• Learning the ropes as an Army spouse
• Perks of a military ID – DISCOUNTS & FREE STUFF!
• Top 25 Army acronyms
• 15 tips for dealing with a deployment
• Top 10 resources for military children
• Fun facts, such as where the term “military brat” originated
• …and much more!

The Intro to Army Life handbook contains a foreword written by Crystal Cavalier, the 2011 Army Spouse of the Year.

Intro to Army Life is an excellent resource for the individual reader or for companies promoting educational resources for the U.S. Army. Sponsorship with customized pages for your company is available when purchasing in bulk. If you’d like to pre-order books in bulk for your corporation, spouse groups or FRG’s please email me at


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