Author Allison Mewes and her husband.

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If you made it here, chances are you either know someone who’s new to the Army lifestyle, or you are a significant other or spouse of an Army soldier. If the latter, congratulations, you’re in for a great adventure!

I wrote this book because when I started dating an Army sergeant, I had no clue about the new sub-culture I had just stepped into‚Äďand believe me, it is a subculture!! Compared to civilian life, the Army uses its own lingo, has its own insurance benefits company, has an entirely different protocol for how to act in uniform and out of uniform and the hours are definitely not your standard 8 – 5 office work day. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty lost in this new world.

My hope is that the information in Intro to Army Life will help you navigate smoothly through your entrance into the Army lifestyle. Consider it a basic training for yourself of what you can expect, and what may be expected of you, during these first months and years. Check out the rest of the website to see if there’s a book signing in your area and feel free to “Like” us on our Facebook page at to join in the conversations. If you have a funny or painful story about your transition to Army life, I’d love to hear it via email or Facebook.



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Allison Mewes

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